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Who is Belle?

Belle Medical specializes in confidence.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel good about their bodies. That’s why clients look to us as a trusted confidant and partner to help them overcome challenges with losing weight and stubborn fat, so they can feel better about their bodies and live happier, healthier lives. 

No BMI Restrictions

We don't have a BMI limit, so you don't have to lose weight before coming to Belle. We also don't charge extra for higher BMIs.

Permanent Fat Removal

We don't freeze fat cells, we  PERMANENTLY remove them so you can see lasting results.


We guarantee 2-5 inches of fat loss after just one visit. Feel confident knowing you'll get proven and guaranteed results.

Awards & Recognition

Don't just take our word for it!

What We're All About

Watch our podcast to learn more about Belle and why we do what we do!

We believe in the solutions we offer! We stand behind our procedures and our weight loss injections because we have seen time and time again that they ACTUALLY work! We're proud to say that Belle Medical changes lives.

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Our commitment to patient care

Our commitment to patient care goes beyond the procedure room. We offer free consultations, allowing potential clients to meet our team in a comforting environment, fostering a sense of trust and community from the first interaction. We want our patients to feel comfortable and confident—about Belle Medical and about themselves!

This approach ensures that each patient's journey is fully supported, from initial consultation to post-operative care, including unique offerings like post-op massages to aid in healing.

Our state of the art technology

Belle Medical utilizes a combination of unique and well-known technologies, such as Vibrasat, Morpheus 8, and Renuvion, in our BelleSculpt and BelleSculpt+ procedures.

The hand piece we use for our BelleSculpt procedures was initially developed by Johnson & Johnson for Stem Cell research. With triaxial modality we’re able topivot in 3 dimensions. The Vibrasat prevents tissue damage, and allows patients to be awake during the procedure. Our machine is one of the only machines on the market that can remove fat without BMI restrictions

As a mom, my body has been through some changes—some easy to jump back from, some not so easy. I’ve always had issues with my shape. Who would have thought, after 1 visit, all those body issues could be fixed?
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Kristy Maguire

Mommy Makeover

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