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Massaging the Breast and Buttocks

Make sure to massage both sides of the breast or buttocks evenly with the same amount of pressure. Massage until soft on each transferred area even if the massage can be uncomfortable. Fat transfer post-procedure massage is the only way to receive the maximum retention possible and failing to do so will result in little to no retention.

Fat Transfers

Fat Transfer massages require more circulation and blood flow. Massage FT areas until they are slightly pink or light red, this is indicating adequate blood flow to the area. If small nodules appear, work through those areas with your fingertips to also encourage circulation to the area. Please remember, consistency over pressure.

Frequency and Duration

Post fat transfer massage must be done for 15 minutes on the hour every hour during the day, for 2 weeks to a month (even if breasts have softened) following the procedure unless otherwise directed by assistants/provider. Fat transfer massage can be painful and uncomfortable, but it is vital for your results.

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White Blood Cell Buildup

The majority of our patients will have "firm spots" or "lumps and bumps." This is a normal part of the healing process. Oftentimes the firm spots seem to show up overnight. Do not be alarmed, they will go away over time. The body puts these white blood cells there to help heal. Once a patient has a firm spot, they will be there for several weeks. In rare cases they can remain for several months.  These are not permanent and just need time to heal.


Here is a video from a licensed massage therapist explaining massage for fat transfers.

You should be massaging yourself every hour.

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