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Body Sculpting Post-Op

Following our Post-Op protocol is CRITICAL to your results, recovery, and reducing the chance of any complication. Please follow the steps below. 

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Day of

Make sure you take your antibiotic with a meal before the procedure. After the procedure, have someone pick you up and stay with you the first night. Get lots of rest and use the provided pads on your sites.

Day after

Drink a lot of water throughout the day (at least a gallon/day). Walk at least 1 mile every day. Around 24 hours after your procedure, shower and use your hands to drain your sites. Remember to wear your compression garment at all times for 2 weeks to a month after your procedure.



Massage is one critical element to our post-op treatment. Please click on the link to find videos, information, and tutorials on how to massage yourself.

You should be massaging yourself 3 times per day.

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