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Get rid of those love handles and belly fat

BelleSculpt 360™


Body sculpting on the upper and lower abdomen and love handles


BelleSculpt Explained

Watch us do a BelleSculpt procedure on an avocado!

After the patient has taken some oral medication, we start by numbing the area and making small incisions for the cannula. Next is infiltration. We go in with a mixture of saline and lidocaine to numb the area and break up the fat. Then we use suction to remove the fat cells. Lastly, we drain the patient and help them into the compression garment (their new best friend)! The procedure is safe and effective, even an avocado can do it!


BelleSculpt 360™

BelleSculpt 360™ uses Belle's award winning technology and process, but focuses on your waistline; it's body sculpting on the upper and lower abdomen and flanks (love handles).


It's a minimally invasive procedure that removes fat cells from the subcutaneous fat layer under the skin. We guarantee 2-5 inches of fat loss after just one treatment!

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Minimally Invasive.
Maximum Results.

Belle permanently removes fat using advanced and minimally invasive technology, guaranteed to remove a minimum of 2-5 inches of fat after just one visit!

Minimally Invasive

Our state-of-the-art technology enable us to perform our treatments without cutting, ripping, cooling, tearing, or unnatural implants.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee a minimum of 2-5 inches of fat loss after just ONE visit! We’ll help you fit into those pre-covid jeans you love so much

Short Recovery Time

Your procedure at Belle will not only be safer, but easier on your body too! Many of our patients are back to their normal routines as soon as the next day!

Lasting Effects

We’ll use permanent fat removal methods and will help you get more noticeable, long-lasting results, so you’ll be able to show off your new body for years to come.

It’s been really wonderful, it’s changed my life. I’m happier with my shape. I’m even more active than I was. I would highly recommend Belle Medical if you have any troubled areas, any problem areas. The results are immediate and it’s been life changing.
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Alisa Huser

HD Body Sculpting

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